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Silver Lake Construction Goes Digital for Workforce Development

Las Vegas, NV—July 31, 2018 The Silver Lake Construction Company, one of southern Nevada’s largest and most respected residential concrete contractors, has announced a partnership with PIMedia to help the company grow its workforce. With the continued economic rebound of southern Nevada, construction companies are now competing for the available local workforce to meet higher demands for labor. Using PIMedia’s digital marketing resources and expertise, Silver Lake Construction is looking to increase its presence in the job market and broaden its opportunities.

“It was clear that it was time to compete for talent in a more modern way, and we needed a creative approach to building our workforce. Until now, we didn’t even need a website,” said Brett Willis, President of Silver Lake Construction. “We have established relationships with home builders, and if we can expand our workforce, we can expand our business too and take on more of these projects. This younger generation of workers is digital and all about mobile. They may be entering the industry for the first time, but they are already masters of the smartphone and live on social media. PIMedia gave us the opportunity to reach them with effective and targeted digital campaigns.”

Since the market crisis, the United States has been facing a dire shortage of construction labor. Many of the millions of workers who lost their jobs between 2006 and 2011 have taken up other careers in order to support their families, leaving the construction industry with hundreds of thousands of vacant positions nationally. This has led to delays, inadequate work, and rising property prices across the country, while additional hurdles like the recent hurricanes along the Gulf Coast have left cities in shocking states of disrepair with little relief in sight. In Las Vegas, construction labor makes up a larger (by over 33%1) portion of the overall workforce than it does nationally, but the local industry still requires tens of thousands of additional workers before it can reach pre-recession levels. As Las Vegas once again becomes a booming economic and social hotspot, numerous multi-million and billion-dollar construction projects have been commissioned throughout the valley; 6 such projects, all scheduled for completion in 2020, total over $10 billion2 themselves. Las Vegas currently ranks 6th on the list of fastest-growing U.S. cities3 and the southern Nevada community needs all the construction labor it can get to accommodate these new residents, businesses, and economic opportunities.

“When Silver Lake construction came to us we were immediately impressed with their commitment to their employees,” said PIMedia Founder and CEO Debbie Harris. “They truly work to create a positive environment for their employees and want people to grow with the company. We are honored to be able to help them with their workforce development and digital presence, which is so important now. People check to see how a company looks online and what others are saying about them.”

Silver Lake Construction Company is a residential concrete contractor that was founded in July of 2015. The management team has been working together for almost 20 years and has always been dedicated to reliably serving the community. The Silver Lake philosophy is to provide a safe work environment for our team and partners, while being focused on quality and efficiency. Silver Lake has adopted the approach of “Take care of our employees and they’ll take care of our customers.” (www.silverlakeconstruction.com)

 PIMedia is a leading social media and digital marketing firm that has been aiding clients with their online presence since 2008. Founded by President and CEO Debbie Harris, a nationally-cited LinkedIn expert with an extensive background in digital marketing and a master’s degree in “Social Media Compliance and the Law”, PIMedia works to bolsters its clients’ online profiles. Whether it is establishing and maintaining social media outreach campaigns to drive revenue or reconstructing websites from the ground up, each PIMedia project helps to promote the client’s visibility, appeal, and reputation. (www.pimedia.me)


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