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2019 Brings New Construction Jobs to Southern Nevada

Las Vegas has continued to chart record growth into 2019, bringing new families into the community and a slew of new construction projects scheduled to reshape the valley. 2018 saw the local economy make tremendous gains in numerous industries, but few benefitted as much as construction, which added jobs at a rate of more than twice the national average. From football stadiums to community expansions, the valley is dotted with exciting new construction projects that are promising to keep employment up and introduce thousands of new residents and businesses to Southern Nevada.

At Silver Lake, we have been able to supply the construction boom while maintaining our quality, efficiency, and professionalism on every jobsite. With the construction market going strong and reaching levels that haven’t been seen for years, Silver Lake is committed to not only staying at the top of our field but pushing the industry forward. We believe the best way to keep up with the growing demand for construction and deliver the finest service in the industry is to build-out our team with more devoted men and women.

Each new employee at Silver Lake can start with full-time wages and benefits, but we offer part-time positions as well to help you find the schedule and workload that fits best for you. This also ensures that no one at Silver Lake ever has to choose between working and pursuing further educational opportunities. Since joining the community, we believe we have proven that “if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers”; we are proud to work alongside such talented individuals, and we cannot wait to welcome more people to the construction industry.  As proud members of Nevada’s construction industry, we have had the opportunity to provide fine craftsmanship to clients at an affordable rate and interact with people from all over the world. We look forward to building more relationships in both the nationwide industry and the local community and helping the future stars of the construction industry find their start right here at Silver Lake.

Call us at (702) 888-3900 for more information or apply online to get started today. Your application will be held on file for up to six months.

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