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Concrete Company Supporting Nevada Construction

We take our role as a local business as a sign of trust between ourselves and the community around us. It is our responsibility to provide this community with as much support as we’ve received from it, and we hope that belief is borne out in every aspect of our conduct and services. As Silver Lake Construction celebrates its fourth anniversary in Las Vegas, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has encouraged us along the way, whether as a client, fellow construction professional, employee, or well-wisher. Southern Nevada’s construction industry remains a national standout in terms of growth and success, not to mention overall quality. We could not be more privileged to lend our services to a community that strives for excellence and prides itself on widespread improvement.

Being a concrete company, or any construction provider, comes with an obligation to organizational efficiency and, even more importantly, safety at all times. Part of our duty to the Las Vegas community involves maintaining and enhancing whenever possible the standards that govern our work. In becoming members of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association and Nevada Subcontractors Association, we have been able to join those who strive to improve the concrete and construction industries. These organizations instill a greater sense of collaboration and facilitate rewarding relationships among local construction businesses, in addition to furthering the industry’s commitment to safety and professionalism. Our participation is about much more than just taking an interest in our peers or networking; it has permitted us to interact more productively with representatives from every level of the business, from residential concrete contractors to plumbing & heating companies, and even individuals representing the various industries that are impacted directly by construction. Nevada’s construction providers have never been so well-connected or accessible to the public! 

By fostering new opportunities for optimized safety, service, and hiring throughout the construction industry, the SNHBA and NSA have given us a chance to invest back into the community that has already given us so much. Las Vegas is home to more than its fair share of stellar construction companies, and we recognize the support of every client that trusts this concrete company to get the job done. Thank you for making the first four years a success, and thank you for making Silver Lake Concrete one of Nevada’s premier concrete contractors.

4th Anniversary of Silver Lake Construction, Concrete Contractor in Las Vegas
Fourth Anniversary Team Photo